Happy almost-summer, everyone!

I'm writing with a quick update on my next project. I typically like to give an indication of what I'm working on next and when you might expect it. I've been relatively silent, however, on my next novel.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@elizalentzski) recently got a preview of a page from my next novel, Hunter. And the questions have been pouring in. Is this about the Hunter, or did I run out of names? Is this another story for Winter Jacket? Is Hunter Dyson in high school? 

Because I primarily write from first-person point of view, I often get requests for a complimentary book from the opposite perspective. A story from Julia's point of view, for example, when Cassidy rides into town. I've previously resisted the idea because I wasn't sure I could do it without the book feeling redundant with no original storylines to contribute. 

 Hunter will be the prequel to the original Winter Jacket from Hunter's point of view starting winter break of her junior year of college--in the weeks before she meets her English professor. Where it ends? Well, I can't give that away. 

Hopefully this answers some questions. Stay tuned for more updates!