Worth the Wait (?)

"I'll write tomorrow."

I can't count the number of nights I made that empty promise to myself, only to repeat the statement again the following night. 

The second half of 2016 was filled with big changes. I got married. Got a new job. Moved from the Midwest to New England. There were so many changes, it took me a good while to feel like myself again. I'm still not entirely there, but I found inspiration in your continued encouragement and interest in these characters. 

It feels really good to have Cold Blooded Lover completed and to be reconnecting with readers like you.  It feels really good to publish again and to be looking at what novel to work on next. It feels really good to be feeling more like myself again.

For those of you wondering about a Book 4, I've got plenty of story left to tell about Cassidy and Julia, and plenty of stories left to tell, period.