Frequently Asked Questions

1) What does it mean that you’re an “indie” writer?

Being an independent author means I’m not affiliated with any publishing company. I do this by choice. I control every part of the book-making process from creation to editing to proofreading to public relations to maintaining my webpage to making my own book covers. It’s a highly time-consuming task, but it also allows me to offer my novels at lower prices because there’s no “middle people” to take their cut.

2) Can I get a hardcopy of [name of your favorite novel]?

All of my novels are available in paperback and e-book, exclusively at Amazon.

3) Are you planning a sequel to [insert name of your favorite book here]?

Don’t Call Me Hero has become a once-a-year book series. I also have a sequel planned for Bittersweet Homecoming.  As for the other novels, I never say never. The only book that I can’t give a sequel to, however, is Fragmented.  I pride myself on writing happy endings that don’t feel forced or contrite. Fragmented needs to stay where it is for those characters to have a happy ending.

4) What happened with the Drained series?

My co-author, Nica Curt, is taking over that series. You should bug her on social media so she gets inspired to write!

5) Will there be another book in the Winter Jacket series?

As mentioned above, I never say never to sequels and additional books, however, the four current novels will be the last in that chronological order. I’m not opposed to writing a spin-off series within that same universe or catching up with Hunter and Elle a few years down the line. I’m keeping my options open at this point.

6) What are you working on next?

The most reliable information about my forthcoming books is to look at the About the Author page of my most recently released novel. I typically provide title information and an approximate release date about the next book I’ll be writing. You can also subscribe to my blog for the most up-to-date information about my upcoming releases.

7) Can I get a signed book?

At this time, I do not provide signed hardcopies of my novels. However, you can request a signed e-book from Authorgraph, which you can find a link to on my About Me page.

I also sign a special Eliza postcard that you can put inside whatever hardcopy book you’d like signed. All I need from you is the postal address to which I should send the postcard and to whom you’d like the book dedicated. You can request a signed postcard by direct messaging me on Facebook.