Calling All Super Readers

For those of you who read this blog, you'll know that I love movies. Growing up in a small town in the upper midwest, my family went to the movies at least once a week, sometimes twice. In the years before the internet, movies & books were my escape, showing me interpretations of lives I otherwise would have never had access to. And it was probably no accident that I watched Kate Winslet in Titanic six times in the theater.


You'll also know from reading this blog how I lament that Hollywood, in comparison to television, has been slower in giving us queer ladies the happy endings that we deserve. Instead, our heroines end up with men by the end of the film, they go crazy, they go to prison, or they kill themselves. In fact, Winter Jacket came as a result of there being so many movies featuring a student-teacher romance (Loving AnnabelleBloomfield, etc.) that never turn out okay for the teacher. My own novels contain happy endings because of the lack of happy endings elsewhere. 

I'm consistently asked if I would ever consider turning one of my books into a movie. I've always dismissed the idea for numerous reasons, but lately I've been starting to think more seriously about the possibility. The problem is, I have no idea which story to pick to develop. It's like picking from amongst your children--you love them all equally, for different reasons.

So this is what I'm asking from all you Super Readers out there: which of my novels do you think would make the best movie? I'm going to take Winter Jacket off the table because there are already multiple student-teacher lesbian movies, and I'm not convinced we need another of these in the world. I would love your feedback, including why you think that particular story would be the best to develop.

In book news, I'm really close to wrapping up edits on Sunscreen & Coconuts--thank you all for your patience with this one! It's been a challenge writing in 2017-18.  I'll let you know via social media when it's available on Amazon. Look for its release sometime before Labor Day.