Under Construction

I've got a minute (read: my flight keeps getting delayed), so I thought I'd take a moment to write an update and provide some thoughts on Hunter and what's coming next.  

Feedback on Hunter continues to come in, and you've en masse asked the question I was expecting, so it's probably worth posting my response here. So many of you have demonstrated your continued commitment to Elle and Hunter, and you're wondering if I'm planning on doing a re-write of the first four books, but from Hunter's POV. 

My answer is this: yes and no. 

When I first conceptualized Hunter, I considered publishing it as a novella that would peek into Hunter's life in the initial moments before she meets Elle to the moment she's standing on her front porch in the middle of a storm. I thought I'd be able to tease out just under 100 pages, never imagining it would turn into a full novel at over 200 pages. Turns out, I had more to say than what I'd originally thought.

I've noted this elsewhere, but the challenge with the WJ series is not Jumping the Shark and the desire to leave readers wanting more. Additionally, my writing time is limited. I have a full-time job outside of fiction writing, and my wife and I continue to explore our new part of the country. Right now I'm averaging three books a year, which feels like a comfortable and doable pace. But committing to three more books from Hunter's POV will limit my ability to continue the DCMH series in a yearly cycle and write other original standalones or pursue a spin-off series based on Jessica Merlot.

Rather than three more Hunter books, I'm proposing an anthology-like collection of glimpses into Hunter's life over the span of WJ 1-4. Each chapter would be a standalone short story, essentially of Hunter and Elle's Greatest (and Most Painful) Hits. I feel like this strategy will avoid a heavy-handed approach to tying up loose ends while still giving me time to publish other things. 

So here's where I need you:  Respond in the comments of this blog which moment(s) from the Winter Jacket series you'd like to read from Hunter's POV. I recognize that this is asking you to revisit four entire novels, so if the requests are varied and vast, I'll hold a kind of voting process to narrow it down to the top dozen or so.

Tell me: What do you want to read?