Without a little rain...

April showers bring May flowers. 

When I originally conceived of Hunter and Elle (you can read their origin story in my anthology Love, Lust, & Other Mistakes), I had no way of knowing that over two years later, they'd still be going strong. Winter Jacket 3 takes Elle and Hunter on a new adventure, and I'm most proud of the evolution of the characters themselves in this new novel. Barring a disaster, there will be a Winter Jacket 4 (May 2016). 


The student/teacher genre is as old as Sappho herself, but the inspiration to try my hand at the pairing came after watching the 2010 film Bloomington. I've already lamented elsewhere how Hollywood seems to have it out for lesbian ladies in film, and Bloomington is no exception. 

Writing for a series like Winter Jacket, which has amassed a passionate readership over the past few years, is honestly terrifying. In the grand scheme of things, if one of my books flops or doesn't find an audience, it's simply back to the drawing board for me. But the stakes are infinitely higher when you're writing in a series. Readers expect certain things from these characters and naturally want all the romance and sunshine I can provide. But I also don't want to play it safe with these characters, because where's the fun in that? 

I've always said you can't truly enjoy the sunshine if it never rains. Spoiler alert: it rains a lot in Winter Jacket 3, and I can't wait to read about what you think.

Happy reading,