What's next?

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Something pretty cool happened yesterday that I wanted to share because I think it demonstrates not only the growing influence of independent publishing, but also the power of queer lady dollars. No big deal, guys: Cassidy Miller is just hanging out with Tom Clancy and Jack Reacher. I can't express how amazing you are and how grateful I am for the support you've given me over these past few years.

If you've enjoyed a novel by a self-published author or something produced by a small publisher, consider leaving a review. We independents rely on word of mouth and positive feedback on outlets like Amazon and Goodreads to help us compete with the Lee Child's and Mark Greaney's of the world. I'm convinced that I wouldn't be half as successful without the overwhelmingly kind words of readers like yourself.

It's hard to think about moving on to the next novel when I'm still so very excited about DCMH, but I know many of you are (not so) patiently waiting for something new to read. To that topic, I've gotten a lot of questions about when to expect Winter Jacket 3. I'm starting to work on it now, but I'm not planning for a release date until May 2015. The first two books in the series both came out in May of their respective years, so it's only fitting that the third novel have a May release date as well.

So if not Winter Jacket 3, what am I working on next? You might have noticed forthcoming titles like Bittersweet Homecoming or All That's Gold in the end material of previous novels. But you'll also notice that neither of those books is in my current bibliography. I routinely add a forthcoming book mention in the "About the Author" notes to assure you that I'm still working and still writing after each new release. Those books are all Works in Progress and will appear at some point, and the same goes for the novel Vagabond mentioned in the end notes of DCMH.


In order to choose which book in my long queue of Works In Progress to finish next, I have to fall in love: I fall in love with a new character, a new couple, a new storyline. While I wait for that to happen, I flirt with a few new storylines and characters, do background research on a variety of topics, and wait to be seduced.

I just began working on my newest love interest yesterday. I won't be providing the full synopsis just yet, but I've left you a few visual and aural clues in this post about the topic of my next love story. Feel free to speculate in the Comments section below.