October Update

Every cliche you might imagine about the luxurious lifestyle of a novelist probably includes oversized sweaters, coffee, and overcast days. Perhaps that's why Autumn is my favorite season and why I love living in the upper Midwest. Scarves and sweaters, knee-high leather boots, slow-cooker meals, polka bands, hayrides and apple picking, Oktoberfest craft beer, jack-o-lanterns, scary movies, and plenty of cuddling under a homemade afghan nearly makes up for the Polar Vortex we call Winter. 


I'm excited to finally have a personal domain where I plan to share some thoughts, connect with readers and fellow authors, and provide updates on what I'm currently working on. Next in the queue is a new romance novel I've tentatively titled Don't Call Me Hero (although High Heels and Combat Boots is a fun possibility as well). 

Chapter One can be found here.