Winter Jacket

It all started with a broken classroom heater …

Graduate school prepares you for many things—the rigor of academic life, how to pull consecutive all-nighters, and living off a meager stipend without having to be roommates with cockroaches. 

Elle Graft might have made it through six years of graduate school, but she's not convinced she'll survive her first position as an Assistant Professor. 

Because for all she learned, graduate school never prepared her for dealing with a student crush.

Winter Jacket: New Beginnings 

Book 2 in the Winter Jacket series: 

There was something about Hunter Dyson that drew Elle to her. Maybe it was her unwavering eye contact. Maybe it was because she never took off her winter jacket in class. Or maybe it was the taboo of a student-professor relationship. 

They'd overcome obstacles to be together, and now with job security and a healthy, happy relationship, life was supposed to get easier—she was supposed to have her happy ending. But for Elle, the complications are only just beginning.

Winter Jacket: Finding Home

Book Three in the Winter Jacket series 

There are signs everywhere if you know what you’re looking for—signs that tell you you’re doing something wrong. Go back. Detour. Choose again. Do not collect two hundred dollars when you pass Go. But I hadn’t paid attention to the warnings, too blinded by ambition and the desire to experience something new. Simply put: I was making a terrible, horrible mistake. 

Elle and Hunter have endured the disapproval of friends, family, and colleagues, but can their relationship survive the distance of nearly two thousand miles?

Winter Jacket: All In

Book Four and the dénouement of the Winter Jacket Series.

Hollywood had been a disaster. Elle Graft—Associate Professor of English and once-aspiring television screenwriter—could admit that much. Now back in Minnesota and back to her old life, Elle’s determined to get her relationship with Hunter back on track.

It all started with a broken classroom heater and a blue winter coat. How will it end?

The Winter Jacket prequel

It all started with a navy blue dress...

In her junior year of college, Hunter Dyson has some big decisions to make about her future. She wants to be a nurse, that much she knows, but everyone from her parents to her academic advisor is nagging her about what kind of nursing she wants to pursue. 
But before she can worry about those details, she's got to survive Professor Graft's writing seminar. And her legs.